Car wreck involving 5 cars kills 2

An accident on one of Tennessee’s major highways led to the death of two people, while four more people suffered injuries. The car wreck involved five vehicles. The highway had to be closed for at least three miles for a period of time after the accident.

According to official reports a southbound pickup truck crossed over the middle of the road into the northbound lane. It appears as if the accident happened when the pickup truck driver wanted to pass another vehicle on the two lane road. The pickup truck then hit a car, a van and a truck. Another car slid on the road surface and hit the crashed vehicles.

Two women, ages 42 and 34, died in the accident. It is not clear if either of them was driving any of the vehicles involved. One of the injured victims was taken to a medical center in the area by air ambulance. Emergency staff had to assist a victim trapped in one of the vehicles.

According to regular users of this road, the highway is dangerous in this area and some suggest it should be turned into a four lane road. Drivers regularly take irresponsible chances. That seems to have happened in this instance.

In cases where driver negligence causes the serious injury or death of others, Tennessee law allows for victims — including the surviving families of deceased victims — to file a civil claim. In a car wreck such as this one, where driver negligence appears to be the root cause of the accident, the seriously injured victims may choose to file personal injury claims, while the families of the deceased victims may elect to file wrongful death claims. A successfully litigated claim may result in the award of damages for monetary losses sustained.

Source:, “Victims identified in fatal Highway 14 crash“, Nov. 7, 2015




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