Car wreck leaves 2 injured in Tennessee

Two Harley-Davidson riders suffered injuries in an accident on a recent Saturday afternoon in the end of July. Tennessee Highway Patrol officials report that the accident happened just before 1:30 p.m. The car wreck involving a Lincoln Town Car and the two motorcycles happened along U.S. Highway 231.

At the time of the accident, the driver of the car was traveling in the slow lane. The two motorcyclists were passing the car when the driver, who is 82 years old, changed lanes and moved into the way of the one motorcyclist, aged 43. The unexpected lane change caused the motorcyclist to collide with the second bike.

The 43-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to a medical center in the area. The second motorcyclist, aged 48, was taken to a hospital in the area. Little information is available on the extent of the injuries to the second Harley rider, while the 43-year-old man is in a critical but stable condition. The 82-year-old car driver escaped injuries. However, he now faces charges for changing lanes in an improper manner.

In Tennessee, a seriously injured victim of a motorcycle or car wreck may file a civil claim for monetary damages arising from the accident if negligence is proven. Successfully litigated personal injury claims may provide for the reimbursement of any monetary damages for pain and suffering, medical costs, rehabilitation costs and loss of income. Damages awarded in successfully presented claims may assist the victims or their families in recovering from the stress of unexpected expenses.

Source:, “2 motorcyclists injured in Rutherford County crash“, , July 26, 2014




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