Dog attacks 3 people, 2 suffer serious injuries

A neighborhood is in shock after a brutal dog attack on three people by four dogs on a recent Tuesday afternoon. Two of the three victims had to be taken to a hospital in the area for treatment of their injuries. The dogs attacked a UPS delivery man first and then turned on those trying to save him. Tennessee dog owners need to take note of the attack and their legal responsibilities.

The attacked happened while the delivery man was delivering packages to a house on his route. When the dogs attacked, he fell to the ground, where the dogs kept biting him. When the victim shouted for help, he was heard by neighbors. They rushed to his assistance. Two of them tried to pull him to safety, and that was when the dogs viciously attacked them.

The three people managed to get away from the dogs and into the delivery truck where they remained until help arrived. The one man was bitten in the face, which required a plastic surgeon to repair his serious injuries. The delivery man suffered serious injuries to his legs.

It is important for all dog owners in Tennessee to ensure their dogs do not harm other people. According to law, both the victims who suffered severe injuries after being bitten by the four dogs may choose to file personal injury claims. A court may award financial damages to the victims in a successfully litigated claim. The damages may compensate the victims for medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of income and any other expenses resulting from the injuries suffered. 

Source:, “Beaufort County Animal Control investigating dog attack that injured UPS driver and two others“, Sept.14, 2016




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