Dollywood parking attendant suffers workplace injury

Workers in any industry in Tennessee face personal injury hazards whenever they are on duty. The general assumption that only workers in construction or industrial work need to be concerned with safety regulations provides a false sense of security to many business owners. A workplace injury can occur in circumstances where accidents are not anticipated.

A 76-year-old employee of the Dollywood amusement center recently suffered injuries while working in the parking lot of the facility. A Dollywood spokesperson explained that the worker was directing traffic around a stationary passenger tram when he was knocked over by a second tram. The injured worker was reportedly airlifted to a medical center with non-life-threatening injuries.

No injuries were suffered by visitors to the park in the incident. The company’s general manager commended the paramedics and other emergency services for their prompt reaction to the incident. It was reported that the accident is under investigation, and similar incidents will be avoided at all costs.

Tennessee workers who suffer a workplace injury while performing their duties may be concerned about losing income while they are recuperating. The aim of the workers’ compensation insurance fund is to provide financial aid to injured workers to ensure their ability to care for their loved ones. Victims of on-the-job injuries are entitled to seek benefits from workers’ compensation, and typically receive compensation to cover medical expenses. In addition, a percentage of lost earnings is normally provided, and the amount is commonly based on the average income of the worker.

Source:, “Tram hits 76-year-old employee in Dollywood parking lot”, Dec. 26, 2014




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