Don’t cause a distracted driving crash during the daily rush

It’s go, go, go time for many parents in Tennessee. From rushing the kids to school, enduring the daily commute, driving home in time to take the kids to extracurricular activities such as dance class or soccer, doing the shopping and more, many parents in Tennessee may feel like they are spending half the day in their car. With so much time spent behind the wheel it is tempting to try to multitask, especially send or reply to a text message. However, the distraction of a text message can spell disaster when it causes a distracted driving accident.

What is the danger of texting and driving?

Texting and driving is especially dangerous because it encompasses all three forms of distractions. First, texting and driving is cognitively distracting, as your attention is on the text message not the task of driving. Second, texting and driving is visually distracting as you are looking at your phone rather than on the road. Finally, texting and driving is manually distracting as your hand are on your phone not the wheel of the car. Given this, it is easy to see how texting and driving can lead to distracted driving accidents.

Tennessee’s cellphone laws

Tennessee has laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Under Tennessee law, a motorist cannot hold a cellphone or watch a video on a cellphone while driving. Also, a person cannot read, write or send a text message while behind the wheel and they cannot record or broadcast a video using a cellphone while driving. Motorists cannot even move in a way that causes them to move from the driver’s seat or over a seat belt to get to a cellphone.

The laws are strict for good reason

Tennessee laws on cellphone use while driving are enacted for a good reason. They aim to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents in the state. If you are in a car accident caused by a distracted driver you will want to pursue all avenues of compensation including filing a personal injury lawsuit if appropriate.




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