Driver negligence due to distracted driving in the spotlight

It is against Tennessee law to text while driving. The enacting of the law purely proves what everyone knows – texting while driving is looking for trouble. Distracted driving is in the spotlight during the month of April across the United States because driver negligence kills or injures. Only a few seconds of distraction can cause dire consequences.

Should you or a family member be the victim of someone who ignored the safety of others on the road, you could be entitled to compensation. Negligent drivers who cause serious or fatal injuries should be held responsible. Our firm has successfully represented many clients who suffered because someone was distracted while driving. We have a single goal – ensuring the best results for every client.

One of the biggest challenges in a distracted driving case relates to getting important evidence, such as phone records. Phone records provide the evidence of phone use at the time the accident happened. We will compare the phone records with the police accident reports, as well as other evidence, to prove driver negligence due to distractions.

Phone records do not have to be provided until a claim has been filed. However our firm believes that by starting to prepare a case for trail instead of negotiation is a guarantee for success and that is why we will not hesitate to make our intent to file clear. In this manner, the opposing party will be forced or prompted to hand over their phone records.

At our Tennessee firm, we will answer questions and offer advice to victims of accidents caused by driver negligence. This is particularly true if the case is best handled by litigation in court because an out-of-court settlement would not be in the client’s best interests. We will take the time to explain the many confusing processes involved in civil claims. For more information, please visit our distracted driving page.




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