Driver negligence may be factor in fatal Tennessee crash

Authorities are still investigating a fatal accident last year in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park that ended the life of a teenager. Reports indicate that the teenager was driving northbound on the Spur, a roadway between two popular tourist towns, when he struck another vehicle that was pulling onto the Spur from an adjoining roadway. The question for authorities now is whether driver negligence on the part of either driver was a factor in the accident.

The result of this collision was tragic injuries and loss of life. Two passengers in the teenager’s car, also teens, were injured in the collision. The driver of the vehicle that was struck, a 34-year-old man, died from the injuries he sustained after his vehicle was hit. Now, a bitter dispute has emerged regarding who was at fault and should be held responsible.

Nearly every party involved in this collision is seeking answers and justice. The family of the man killed believes that the teenage driver’s speed was the cause of the accident. The families of the teenagers involved believe that the deceased driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic. The family of one of the injured teenage passengers has filed lawsuits against both drivers citing reckless driving. The report provided by the National Park Service failed to confirm the culpability of either driver.

Many car accidents are caused by driver negligence. Whether speeding, failing to yield or being distracted, it only takes an instant to change the lives of multiple people. As this case moves forward, lawsuits are filed and the search for responsibility continues, the driving focus of those involved is moving beyond the injuries and death that resulted in this crash. Tennessee does have personal injury laws in place to help with these efforts, though it may be too soon to tell whether such claims will be viable in this case. Successfully litigated claims can provide valuable aid to victims and their families to cover many expenses that may have stemmed from a devastating accident.

Source:, “Probe into fatal Spur wreck continues; lawsuits filed,” Jeff Farrell, May 4, 2013




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