Failure to obey traffic signals leads to 3 injuries in Knoxville

October has already seen injurious car accidents in the Knoxville area. One recent car accident, said to have been caused by one driver’s failure to obey traffic signals, resulted in injuries to three people. According to reports, the three were taken to a local Knoxville hospital after a woman driving a car smashed into the side of a van carrying passengers from the Cerebral Palsy Center. The injuries, according to initial reports, did not seem to be life-threatening.

The preliminary evidence suggests the woman driving the car failed to stop at a red traffic light which led to the crash. She claimed that she could not see the traffic light or the van due to the sun being in her eyes. Reports do not state that any charges or violations were filed at the time of the accident. However the investigation may lead to charges in the future.

If the investigation confirms the woman caused the collision by running a traffic signal, personal injury claims in civil court by those injured in the collision may be appropriate. Civil claims may help those injured in a car accident like this one to recover compensation for injuries they sustained in a crash. Before a court may award damages to an injured party, evidence must be produced that proves the negligence of another party was responsible for the accident and injuries that followed.

When anyone in the Knoxville area finds themselves injured in an accident, they may find their immediate or extended future affected by their injuries and recovery. If the injuries were caused by someone’s negligence due to a failure to obey traffic signals or other rules of the road, the responsible driver may face criminal charges as well as civil claims for restitution. Though monetary compensation may not alleviate these stresses, a successful civil claim may help ease any financial burden and provide some solace as they move forward.

Source:, “Three injured when car collides with van in South Knoxville,” Oct. 4, 2012




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