Falls in Tennessee contribute to workplace injury rates

Falls at work are among the most common mechanisms of injury for today’s industrial employees. The fact is that falls at the same level and falls to a lower level account for billions of dollars in lost productivity and workers’ compensation claims every year. These workplace injuries can cause emotional, physical, and financial difficulties for those affected. A worker injured on the job can lead to costs related to hiring a temporary replacement and other indirect expenditures related to quality of production, according to insurance companies.

Expert say that workplace leaders in Tennessee and the rest of the nation should prioritize safety measures related to preventing the occurrence and severity of falls. This type of workplace injury accounts for more than $15 billion in costs to American businesses every year. Businesses have a motivation to save themselves money – but they should also be concerned about their workers’ health and safety. Taking the time to prevent common workplace injuries benefits everyone in a company.

Other major causes of non-fatal accidents at workplaces in the United States include overexertion, being struck by a vehicle or item and being compressed or crushed by a piece of machinery. Although falls at the same level and to a lower level are considered major contributors to workers’ compensation problems in America, other factors certainly play a role. Victims who have suffered workplace injury because of any of these events may be entitled to financial compensation.

You should not have to suffer through financial and physical difficulties because of an unsafe workplace. Instead of just taking the first settlement offered by your Tennessee employer’s insurance company, consider seeking help from a workers’ compensation attorney. These professionals can provide you with the information you need to get the money you deserve to pay for your workplace injury treatment.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Cost of Most Serious Workplace Injuries Falls: Liberty Mutual,” Jan. 20, 2017




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