Fast-tracking an SSD decision

All disability rulings from the SSA regarding Social Security Disability Insurance are permanent approvals, so the Social Security Administration is well-known for due diligence when handling disability claims. Most claims for residents of Tennessee and other states are won in the appeals process after the agency has requested myriad evidence that the claim is valid, including depositions by medical specialists and primary care givers. However, some injury claims are so serious and obvious that the claim can be placed in “fast track” approval when the SSA has no defense to the claim.

Placing a claim in fast-track approval

The SSA maintains a list of pre-approved medical conditions that have already been authorized in other cases. This list is similar to the Blue Book of prior approvals, and it lists certain illnesses that are “presumed disability” cases. These cases typically bypass the appeals system and can be approved in the minimum of five months required by SSA rules and regulations. This only applies to SSD claims as Supplemental Security Income, commonly called SSI, has no such restriction. SSI claims often can be approved even quicker.

How an attorney may help

Even though retaining an attorney is not absolutely necessary for a claim regarding a presumed disability medical issue, there can still be problems that could result in the approval being delayed. An experienced Tennessee SSD attorney may assemble all medical records and ensure that all questions from the SSA are answered according to rules of approval in a timely fashion. In addition, approved applicants will be eligible for Medicare insurance coverage. Those receiving SSI will typically be approved for Medicaid coverage.

The Social Security Administration has published reports indicating that it approves up to 30% of applicants on the initial application consideration, many of which are fast-track requests. However, this is relatively unusual as it generally takes up to 18 months to receive approval from the SSA in a standard disability application after the case goes to a hearing. Fast-track consideration can be a difficult task for those who do not have legal representation because absolute verification is still required for approval.




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