Fatal accidents rise in Tennessee

The National Safety Council has released its annual report on road deaths from the previous year. As we look back on 2016, there were more fatal accidents across the entire US than in 2015. That trend is repeated in Tennessee, where we lost 1,042 lives on the road this year. It is an increase of 81 more deaths than in 2015, or an 8 percent rise. The national average was a 6 percent increase.

The statistics from NSC differ from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who showed a slight decline in 2015, though the total in-state numbers were still above the national average. The difference between the two statistics is that NHTSA measures deaths within 30 days of an accident, while NSC numbers account for the deaths that happen during the whole calendar year.

Across the country, October 2016 was the deadliest month with August showing a very similar total.

The heavy toll of car accidents

Car accidents are often avoidable, which makes dealing with the loss they create extra challenging. While mechanical issues and weather can play a factor, a motor vehicle crash is often the result of preventable behavior such as driving under the influence, distracted driving or reckless driving.

When negligent behavior is the cause of an accident, the damages run deep. Unexpected medical bills, loss of mobility and emotional struggles are common as victims learn to deal with or recover from injuries.

Understanding personal injury and wrongful death

If another driver has caused you or a loved one the pain of an accident or untimely death, it’s important that you consult with an attorney to better understand your right to compensation that will help cover medical and, in the most unfortunate events, even funeral expenses.

You’ve experienced a lot already. Dealing with the pain of an injury or death is already challenging. When another driver is at fault, the financial and emotional challenges are an additional burden that should never be overlooked.




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