Fatal car accidents: 7-year-old killed in Oak Ridge collision

Tennessee police are continuing to investigate the cause of a horrific fatal accident that took the life of a young child. The accident happened recently in Oak Ridge. As is often the case in car accidents with children, the child was in a car driven by her mother at the time of the fatal collision.

The mother of the young girl attempted to make a U-turn on the Tennessee roadway. As she made the turn, another vehicle that was also traveling westbound, struck the back left section of her car. The impact caused the woman’s vehicle to spin out of control before coming to a stop on the embankment near Solway Park. Tragically, the child died as a result of the car accident. The terrible loss came on top of unknown injuries to both of the drivers.

The investigation into the fault for the tragedy is ongoing. As is policy in many car accidents, police will likely review all available evidence to discover who did what and when. Drug and alcohol tests on both involved drivers were apparently negative. Presumably, authorities will interview all witnesses and possibly attempt to recreate the accident to come to an understanding of the actions of each driver. In the meantime, police announced that no charges will be filed.

No matter what the results of the investigation or what legal proceedings the accident may prompt, it can only be hoped the family somehow finds the strength to cope with the seemingly insurmountable grief over their sudden and tragic loss.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, “No charges in wreck that killed Knoxville girl, 7,” May 16, 2012




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