Fatal car wreck kills 23-year-old male biker in Tennessee

An accident between a car and a motorcycle on a recent Saturday evening at the end of July ended in tragedy. The Tennessee car wreck happened in the early evening on Chapman Highway in Knoxville. Police reports indicate that the motorcycle was travelling in the left lane when the driver of an SUV made a U-turn in front of the motorcycle.

The motorcycle crashed into the SUV, seriously injuring the motorcycle driver. The 23-year-old man was taken to a medical center where he passed away due to the severity of his injuries. The motorcycle passenger had to be transported to a hospital in the area. Fortunately, she suffered non life-threatening injuries.

Both the SUV driver and passenger escaped without injury. However, the SUV driver was taken to a hospital by officials to have blood drawn. It is legally required to draw blood of drivers after a fatal accident. The case is currently under investigation, and no charges have been as yet been filed.

Should the evidence suggest that the SUV driver was negligent in a manner that contributed to the fatal accident, the family of the deceased may choose to pursue a claim in civil court. The injured passenger has a separate right to file a personal injury claim. Successfully litigated wrongful death or personal injury claims in Tennessee may provide for the reimbursement of monetary damages. Any damages awarded may assist injured victims — or the families of deceased victims — in recovering from the stress of unexpected expenses occasioned by a car wreck or other motor vehicle accident.

Source: wbir.com, “KPD identifies motorcyclist killed in south Knoxville crash”, , July 28, 2014




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