Fatal Tennessee crash caused by driver negligence?

The cause of a tragic Tennessee car accident that took the life of one local woman and injured others is unclear at this time. A passenger car and a pickup truck crashed head-on at an intersection of U.S. Highway 411. It appears that both drivers and several other passengers were injured in this terrible collision, in addition to the passenger who was killed. This accident may leave many wondering if it may have been caused by driver negligence.

There were no details provided regarding the severity of the injuries sustained. Whether these individuals required hospitalization was also not immediately reported. The victim who was killed was a passenger in one of the vehicles involved. Reports indicate that both drivers were injured.

The woman who lost her life in the crash was 84 years old. Though she lived a long life before this incident, her sudden and unexpected loss is still likely felt strongly by those who loved and knew her. For those left to grieve after her death, determining if driver negligence played a role in the accident may be important information.

The details of this Tennessee crash, including the reason that it happened, are as of yet unclear. However, it may have occurred due to driver negligence or one of several other factors that often surround such unfortunate events. In such cases, police often are able to assess fault to one of the drivers involved in a crash. In accidents like this one where a woman was killed, if driver negligence was a factor in the crash that caused her death, her family may have the option to take legal recourse. A civil claim may be filed by her family in an attempt to compensate them for their losses, both financially and otherwise.

Source: wate.com, “Sevierville woman dies in car accident, three others injured,” Aug. 25, 2012




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