Fiery car wreck leaves 1 dead and 1 injured

An early morning Tennessee accident led to the death of a passenger. The accident happened in the early morning hours of a Friday in early December. The driver of the sedan involved in the car wreck was injured. His condition was listed as stable.

According to reports, emergency medical personnel responded to an emergency call at approximately 3 a.m. When they reached the scene of the accident, they found that the sedan driver had crashed into a tree, which caused the car burst into flames. The driver’s passenger did not survive, and a full autopsy will be done to determine the exact cause of death, as the victim suffered severe burns.

The driver was conscious when the emergency crews and police arrived, and he was interviewed before he was taken to the hospital by emergency personnel. The hospital listed his condition as stable. The accident is currently under investigation, and, according to the local sheriff’s office, charges may be filed against the driver once the investigation has been completed. It is not clear if alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident.

Regardless of whether criminal charges follow, the family of the deceased victim of the car wreck may choose to institute a wrongful death claim against the sedan’s driver. A successfully litigated claim may result in a Tennessee court awarding financial damages to the family of the deceased victim. A financial award made by the court may assist the family in meeting the unexpected expenses arising from the accident during an understandably difficult time.

Source:, “One person killed in early morning crash on Carroll Creek Road”, Anna Zook and Micah Smith, Dec. 11, 2015




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