Four ways to increase the odds of a successful SSD application

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is designed to provide benefits to those who are unable to work due to illness or injury. Although these benefits are supposed to be helpful, the process used to receive these benefits often causes frustrations to those who need them most.

Reduce frustrations with these proactive steps

Those who are attempting to navigate the application system can take some proactive steps to increase the odds of a successful application. These steps include:

  • Gather information. In order to receive approval for these benefits, the applicant must basically establish that he or she is unable to work for at least one year or that the condition resulting in the application for benefits will result in death. Carefully review the application and make sure to include all information needed to establish this claim.
  • Include all records. In many cases, it is best for the applicant to gather all records. Waiting for a hospital to send in copies of the records could cause problems. The application may be reviewed before the records are received, potentially resulting in a denial before all information is available.
  • Prepare for a long wait. The process has a reputation for taking a while. Congress has reviewed proposals to streamline the process, but has yet to approve reform efforts.
  • Anticipate a denial. Unfortunately, the denial rate for these applications remains relatively high. As a result, it can be helpful for claimants to prepare for a potential denial. These denials can be appealed, and appeals can result in a granting of benefits.

The Social Security Administration reviews millions of applications for those seeking benefits every year. CNBC reports that in 2013 the SSA reviewed 2.7 million applications. Of these, approximately 36 percent are approved.

Should applicants hire a lawyer?

The piece by CNBC notes that applying for these benefits is a grueling process – almost a job in itself. Navigating through the application process, gathering all records and preparing to appeal a potential denial can lead to frustrations. A Social Security Disability benefits attorney can guide you through the process, better ensuring a more favorable outcome.




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