Head-on collision on I-26 near Johnson City kills three

Head-on collisions are often difficult to explain, but no doubt exists about their potential for causing significant injuries and death. A recent head-on collision near Johnson City killed three people, leaving police to scratch their heads about why the crash occurred.

The collision

According to the Johnson City Police Department, a silver sedan was traveling west on I-26 when, for unknown reasons, the car crossed the median and entered the eastbound traffic lane. Immediately after entering the eastbound lane, the car struck a black Nissan Altima head-on. A third vehicle, also heading east, struck the Nissan.

Both occupants of the Nissan, who lived in Johnson City, died at the scene as did the driver of the silver vehicle. The driver of the third vehicle suffered no injuries.

The Homicide Team was waiting for information from the Medical Examiner’s Office when the first media reports were published.

Now what?

As with many head-on collision investigations, the Homicide Team from the Johnson City Police Department was not able to establish a cause for the accident. The information from the Medical Examiner may demonstrate that the driver of the silver sedan was impaired by alcohol or drugs or experienced a medical emergency.

The families of the persons who died in the Nissan Altima have claims for wrongful death against the driver of the silver sedan if the evidence bears out the theory that this person was negligent in allowing his car to enter the eastbound traffic lanes. Anyone who has lost a loved one under similar circumstances may wish to consult an experienced accident lawyer for an evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for wrongful death.




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