How to stay safe while on the roads

You are a cautious driver by nature and go above and beyond to pay attention to the roads in the Knoxville area. But being a safe driver is not the only way to protect yourself and passengers from car accidents. With the roads being more congested than usual, it is important for you to stay on guard against reckless and drunk motorists. 

Even people who practice safe driving habits cause some car accidents. To protect yourself from the majority of car accident hazards that are out there, consider the following safety tips. 

Maintain a safe traveling distance 

You should always maintain a safe driving distance from any vehicle you are near. You never know what another motorist is doing besides driving that may interfere with his or her ability to operate the car safely. A good rule of thumb is for you to maintain at least two to four seconds of space between you and the car in front of you. For example, you may be driving behind a person who just sat up from reaching and grabbing an object on the floor of the vehicle. If that driver needs to make a sudden stop, the more distance there is between your cars, the more time you have to stop your car to avoid crashing into him or her. This also gives motorists who are behind you time to do the same to avoid a collision with your vehicle. 

Put away the distractions 

You cannot make safe and proper driving decisions if you use distractions while you are behind the wheel. It does not matter how little time you devote to them or how often you use them. There is always an increased risk of a car accident when they are present. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can safely use them while you are sitting at traffic lights and stop signs. Every second your eyes are on the roads and your mind is conscious of everything that is going on around your vehicle counts and can mean the difference between life and death. 

There is nothing wrong with being a safe motorist. By taking your driving privileges seriously and following through on your responsibilities as a motorist, you can avoid accident situations and minimize your risk of injury if you are ever in one.




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