If your Social Security Disability gets denied, you can appeal

Social Security Disability is an important safety net that protects individuals who get hurt or develop a medical condition from experiencing outright poverty as a result of their medical issues. When a condition is so severe that it prevents someone from working, Social Security Disability provides them with a moderate income stream to cover their expenses, such as their mortgage or rent, their groceries and their utility bills.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration is a government organization often plagued with long wait times and bureaucratic red tape that can hinder the people who need the benefits it governs. The Social Security Disability program is notorious for rejecting qualified applicants and making individuals with severe, even terminal illnesses wait months or years to collect the benefits that they need just to survive.

The reputation of the Social Security Administration could mean that you don’t feel particularly surprised if you receive a rejection for your initial disability application. However, that rejection is not final, and you should know that you have the right to appeal that rejection. Don’t let disappointment keep you from getting the benefits you need to cope with your medical diagnosis.

You may need medical documentation or to correct an application mistake

The reason that your application received the rejection will vary based on the specifics of your medical condition and the application. Sometimes, just making a simple mistake on the application form is what results in the initial rejection, despite the fact that it is clearly just a minor mistake. Correcting those errors may be the only step necessary to secure an approval.

Other times, you may have a medical condition that varies drastically in its severity from case to case. Without documentation of exactly how it affects you personally or impacts your ability to do your job, the person reviewing your application may not realize that the condition is severe enough to qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits.

Obtaining in-depth documentation from your doctor regarding the severity of your condition or undergoing an additional assessment from another medical professional can help you secure the documentation you need to successfully appeal the initial denial of your claim.

A successful appeal can connect you with back due benefits

When you apply for Social Security Disability, you can theoretically receive benefits beginning with the date of your application. When a denied claim gets approved, you can receive compensation for the time you were working toward an appeal. However, that is only the case if you successfully appeal the initial denial.

If your appeal also winds up rejected, you will have to start the application process over again, potentially losing out on those back due payments, which could mean that you lose out on the benefits you would receive otherwise.




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