Knoxville wrong-way car accident causes life-threatening injury

The Knoxville Police Department is continuing to investigate the cause of a serious car accident that occurred on April 14. The car accident, which resulted in life-threatening personal injury, occurred on the Alcoa Highway during the early morning hours. Traffic had to be rerouted around the collision for about two hours while authorities worked to clean up the scene.

One car driver was reported to have been going the wrong way on the highway. Traveling northbound in the southbound lanes, that vehicle struck a minivan head-on, according to reports. The car accident happened near IC King Park.

Both of the drivers involved were taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Each had surgery for their injuries, though further information on their medical condition was not available. The driver of the car traveling the wrong direction on the road sustained injuries characterized as life-threatening by authorities.

It is not known what factors may have contributed to the driver traveling the wrong direction on the highway. As the investigation continues, police will likely determine which party or parties were at fault in the collision. There was no immediate word on whether any citations were issued or expected to be forthcoming from the wreck.

As the driver of the minivan recovers from serious injuries, anyone who has been injured in a crash may find it helpful to know that there are legal rights available for accident victims under Tennessee law. These rights include the ability to file personal injury claims seeking to recover monetary damages occasioned by the negligence of another party. Medical bills, lost wages and related damages are just a few of the items that the victim of an accident may seek to recover from a negligent party.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, “Life-threatening injuries in Alcoa Highway wreck,” April 14, 2012




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