Massive Tennessee accident results in personal injury

When individuals are injured in a Tennessee vehicle accident, their families are usually shocked at the unexpected event and filled with worry and despair. It is also natural for the injured victims and their family members to be upset if the accident happened due to another driver’s carelessness or failure to obey rules of the road. The injured party has the right to pursue monetary damages in civil court, which can help to relieve pain and suffering as well as handle medical costs associated with the personal injury accident.

Several people were injured recently during a multi-vehicle collision in Tennessee. The accident started when one car rear-ended another car on Interstate 40. The car that was struck spun out of control and ended up in the median on the road’s left side. That is when the couple who were in this car got out of the vehicle.

At that point, a semi-tractor hit this car and broke apart; it ended up on the shoulder of the road. Another semi-trailer tried to stop but jackknifed and also went to the road’s shoulder. The couple who had abandoned their car in the street fled the scene, and police were still looking for them. One of the semi-truck drivers was injured in the accident.

The driver of the car who allegedly struck the other vehicle from behind may face legal difficulties in the form of personal injury claims after reportedly starting the massive accident. In addition, the driver who Tennessee police said abandoned his or her car rather than attempting to move it from the road could also be held liable for contributing to the collision, in addition to possibly facing criminal charges, as fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime for a driver who was involved in it. The injured parties can rightfully seek financial damages to cover expenses related to the personal injury accident.

Source: ABC Knoxville, 1 injured, 2 flee scene after chain of wrecks on I-40, No author, Oct. 31, 2013




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