New technology promises to limit 18-wheeler crashes nationwide

Big-rig crashes: They are scary possibilities for every Tennessee driver who spends time on our state’s roads. The fact is that 18-wheeler crashes are notorious for their severity, often leaving victims with serious injuries that are difficult to recover from. Now, new technology promises to reduce the number of these dangerous incidents, as vehicles learn to actually “talk” to each other and prevent crashes.

The trucking industry nationwide is beginning to realize the value of higher-tech solutions like dash cams and other in-cab solutions. Industry leaders such as Wal-Mart are implementing these new safety measures in their trucks in an attempt to prevent collisions and related settlements. So-called “inward-facing” technology designed to be triggered by hard brakes and sharp turns is making strides in preventing dangerous activities – such as speeding — that cause problems for drivers on Tennessee roads.

New technology solutions are not only limited to cameras. They include advances that can warn drivers about obstacles or dangerous traffic conditions, allowing truck drivers to avoid multi-vehicle accidents and other snarls without making the situation worse. Industry experts predict that the new connectivity model designed to provide better information to drivers will prevent serious injuries and benefit truck company leaders as they attempt continuous improvements to safety.

Even though all of these technological advancements are on the way, truck accidents are still a serious issue for drivers throughout the region. Victims of truck accidents deserve compensation for their serious injuries, many of which lead to life-altering conditions. Trucking companies should strive for continued improvements, but they are also responsible for providing compensation after a collision. Any method for preventing an 18-wheeler accident should be prioritized by those behind the wheel.

Source: The Boss, “Cutting Truck Accidents and Insurance Costs with Connected Tech,” Tyler Moselle, accessed Feb. 02, 2017




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