Parking lot car accidents may worsen in winter

Aside from slick roads due to cold weather, the winter season presents additional risks for Tennessee drivers. Nationwide, about 13 percent of all car accidents happen in parking lots. When consumers crowd into stores and shopping malls during the holiday shopping season, crowded parking lots and winter weather can combine to create particularly dangerous driving weather.

Even wrecks that may simply seem like a minor fender bender can cause substantial injury to a victim. A recent statistic has put the economic damages, which may include both lost wages and medical expenses, at roughly $10,500. For those who may be put out of work by an injury, this financial burden can be extreme.

Although victims can seek compensation for related damages, there may be at least one way to reduce the overall financial devastation before compensation is possible. Having your vehicle fixed immediately may be tempting, but if other means of transportation are available, it may be best to hold off. Often, personal insurance policies will cover a rental vehicle, which may be one option for victims. Putting off repairs until a claims inspector has had the opportunity to inspect a vehicle can ensure that only necessary and covered issues are addressed and repaired.

Medical bills and vehicle repair costs are just two of a wide array of financial burdens that victims of car accidents usually have to deal with. Unfortunately, the winter season can be especially dangerous for Tennessee drivers, even for those who drive with the utmost care and responsibility, as other drivers may still act negligently. Fortunately, victims of accidents such as this have the opportunity to seek compensation for these damages by successfully navigating a personal injury claim. Any recourse can be applied to medical bills, vehicle repairs and even pain and suffering related to the injuries.

Source:, “Fending Off the High Cost of a Fender Bender“, Beth Braverman, Nov. 17, 2014




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