Pedestrian killed in Highway 441 crash in Tennessee

Police in Tennessee are conducting an investigation aimed at discovering what events led to an accident that claimed the life of a female pedestrian recently. The woman was reportedly crossing a local highway when she was struck by a car and killed. As happens in many such car accidents, the accident reconstruction team has been called into recreate the crash.

Initial investigation results indicate that the 61-year-old woman was attempting to cross a three-lane Tennessee highway on foot at the time of the car accident. When she was in the left lane near the median, a car hit her. The impact resulted in the pedestrian’s death.

As a part of the investigation, police have conducted blood tests on the driver of the car that struck the woman. The tests taken were to check for intoxicating substances in the car’s driver, as is common in such car accidents. They do not suspect that the woman walking on the roadway had been drinking. At this time there is no evidence that the driver was under the influence of any substance, though the official results are pending.

No criminal charges have been filed against the car driver in this case. In many such car accidents, however, criminal charges are filed by authorities against a driver at fault for a collision once a police investigation is complete. In many cases, if a driver is found to have caused injury or death to a victim, there is often a potential for those injured in an accident, or the survivors of someone killed, to seek recovery from that driver. While there is no recovery that can take away the pain of losing a loved one, such recovery may help families find their financial burdens lessened as they move through the grieving process.

Source: WSLS 10, “Lexington woman killed in Pigeon Forge, TN crash,” Aug. 20, 2012




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