Personal injury accident in Knoxville leaves man in hospital

A Knoxville man sits in a room at a local hospital recovering from severe injuries suffered when the bicycle that he was riding was hit from behind by a truck. The man suffered severe personal injury from the crash that happened as he rode down a steep local roadway. His injuries include a broken leg and a broken arm among others.

The accident happened in the early evening as the man rode his bicycle at a speed of just over 25 miles per hour on a Knoxville road. From behind, a truck clipped the back of his bike sending him flying toward the front of the vehicle. He landed approximately 20 to 30 feet from the side of the roadway.

The driver who struck the bicyclist did not stop after the crash, leaving the man to fend for himself as he labored to survive his injuries. He reports that he had to crawl, using his uninjured arm for support all the way back to the roadway. Knowing that he needed assistance, he threw his helmet onto the road, hoping that someone would stop and find him. Shortly thereafter a motorcyclist and a local doctor both came upon the scene and helped to save the injured man’s life.

Like victims of other personal injury accidents in our state, the man in this case may have many months of recovery ahead of him as a result of his injuries. Unlike some cases, this victim must wait as police seek information leading to the arrest of the person at fault for the crash. During the investigation and recovery periods, this man will likely suffer the financial turmoil of lost wages and increasing medical expenses. Once the driver that hit him has been identified, this man may find relief through the ability to seek monetary compensation for his suffering in the form of a personal injury claim.

Source:, “$6K reward offered in Knoxville hit & run bike accident,” Hillary Lake, Aug. 3, 2012




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