Personal injury in Knoxville car accident, 1 sent to hospital

Airbags deployed in a two-car accident, and at least one person went to the hospital in Knoxville on April 26. The collision resulted in personal injury and occurred during the morning rush hour, around 8 a.m. Reports indicate that the collision happened at the corner of Attica Road and Main Street.

An Alero and a Dodge van were said to be involved. The head-on collision happened after the Alero attempted to turn into the eastbound lane of Main Street. Traffic was delayed, requiring a Knoxville officer to direct traffic around the scene of the car accident.

The full extent of the injuries suffered by those involved, as well as their further medical condition, was not immediately disclosed. We do know that one victim was taken by ambulance to Knoxville Hospital and Clinics.

Like those who are involved in any car accident involving serious injury, the victims here may have injuries that continue to escalate after the collision. This can be the case in incidents where injuries such as whiplash and similar conditions result from a crash. Those suffering from such injuries often have long recovery times and substantial medical costs.

Police say they are still investigating the cause of the car accident. As they complete their efforts, they may find that one of the drivers involved was at fault for the collision. In any car accident, the at-fault driver may be held liable by others injured in the collision through a civil lawsuit for personal injury. A successful claim typically includes reimbursement for medical bills and related costs, including lost time from employment and other damages such as enduring pain and suffering related to the injuries sustained.

Source: Journal Express, “Accident sends one to the hospital,” Steve Woodhouse, April 26, 2012




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