Potential fatal crashes fortunately end in only personal injury

The stage was set for fatal crashes on Knoxville, Tennessee, Highway 92. A Freightliner tractor trailer was moving east on the highway. Directly behind it was one more semi, plus two sedans; equaling a total of four vehicles, all in close proximity to the other.

Intending to make a left turn, the lead semi naturally slowed down. At that same moment, the driver of one of the two motor vehicles attempted to pass the cars ahead of him and stepped hard on the gas in the process – resulting in a single moment of driver negligence.

The passing car, a Honda Accord, plowed into the semi-truck that was turning. The car became wedged in the side of the massive vehicle and was drug for about sixty feet. Incredibly, the second semi and the other vehicle managed to escape the crash.

The Honda’s two passengers suffered minor injuries, for which they were treated and released within hours; the driver emerged unscathed.

The accident could have occurred because of one driver’s failure to obey traffic signs. Car accidents can occur as a result of a variety of causes. Some of the most common catalysts behind car wrecks include driver negligence, unsafe road conditions, or even inattentiveness.

Very few victims involved in serious accidents are lucky enough to escape without injury. For people injured in a car accident that resulted from an error on the part of another driver, the services of a personal injury attorney might prove useful in exploring options. Legal advocates in Knoxville may be able to offer advice in staking a claim for compensation.

Source: Journal Express, “Accident at T-17 and 92,” 05 July 2011




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