Preventing motor vehicle accidents on rural roads

People in Tennessee might not realize that driving on city roads may actually be safer than driving on rural roads. Rural roads have a number of hazards, and many of them are the result of this assumption that they are not dangerous.

For example, assuming that police and other people will not be around, a driver on a rural road might more likely to speed, drift into the other lane or drive while under the influence of alcohol. Some people may neglect to put on their seat belts.

There are also certain dangers that are typical of rural roads, such as more wildlife and the likelihood that an animal will run out in front of a car, causing an accident. There are fewer or no lights at all on rural roads, and this can mean people driving at night may have visibility issues. When accidents occur and there are injuries, there could be a delay in medical assistance arriving, leading to injuries becoming more serious or even fatal.

Drivers who are going too fast, drinking or behaving in other careless ways can cause serious motor vehicle accidents. People who are injured in an accident might be eligible for compensation from the driver who caused it. This can be important in covering a person’s medical expenses and other costs, including lost income if the person has a long rehabilitation period and cannot return to work. In some cases, the insurance company might resist paying the compensation needed, or the person may be uninsured or underinsured. If this is the case, an attorney may be able to help. It might be possible to negotiate with the insurance company, or the injured person may want to file a civil suit against the driver. At that point, there could be an offer to settle out of court.




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