Proposed SSDI rules might cause people to lose benefits

Tennesseans who receive Social Security Disability benefits should be aware of new rules that have been proposed by the federal government for disabled people who receive SSDI. The new rules, which are meant to save the government money, may force many people to lose their eligibility to receive benefits.

According to a report in the Hawaii Tribune, the proposed rules would make some people undergo medical reviews more frequently. They would also create a new category in which many people would be placed. This category, identifying people likely to improve, would force recipients to undergo medical reviews every two years instead of the current three-year reviews.

For the reviews, people would have to fill out and submit extensive paperwork and documents. Some people might not understand how to complete the documents and may give up. The rules are meant to identify people who should no longer be eligible to receive SSDI so that they can be removed from the roles. However, it is likely to force many people who need benefits to lose their sole sources of income. The government states that it would spend $1.8 billion over 10 years and estimates that it would save $2.6 billion by conducting the more frequent reviews.

Disability benefits are difficult for most people to get. To qualify, people must have earned enough work credits and have paid into the system from their paychecks. They must also have qualifying disabilities that prevent them from engaging in substantial gainful activity. People who want to apply for benefits might want to get help from an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer. Those who are getting ready for a medical review might also want to consult with a lawyer. A legal professional might assist people with applying for benefits or with appealing review decisions that force disabled people to lose their benefits.




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