Responsible Tennessee dog owners can prevent dog bite injuries

The American Veterinary Medical Association is the sponsor of Dog Bite Prevention Week during May. The aim of the week is to create awareness of potential risks of a dog biting and causing serious injuries to people. Every year, United States authorities, including those in Tennessee, receive reports of more than four million dog attacks in which people suffer injuries.

It is often children who are the victims, and very often the victim knows the dog that causes them injuries. The sad thing is that it is possible to prevent a dog attack or bite in many cases, if dog owners act responsibly. It is important for dog owners to make sure their dogs do not roam around, but stay in their yard. When children are around a dog, no matter who owns it, there should be constant supervision. Another important part of being a responsible dog owner is to ensure that dogs are properly trained.

Dogs should also be socialized. Neutering or spaying a dog can also prevent the dog biting or attacking people. Lastly, immunization against rabies is imperative. However, it is not only dogs that need to be trained. Children, but also adults, should be taught how to act safely around dogs, how to prevent being bitten by a dog and what to do when someone has been bitten or attacked by a dog.

However, ultimately, it is the owner who is responsible to ensure that a dog does not cause injury to an innocent victim. Victims of dog attacks in Tennessee have the option of filing personal injury claims, should they suffer serious injuries when bitten or attacked by a dog. Dog owners are responsible for their dogs and therefore, if it is proven that the owner was negligent in fulfilling that duty, the victim may be awarded monetary damages. These damages often include medical bills and pain and suffering related to the injuries that resulted from the dog attack or bite.

Source:, “National Dog Bite Prevention Week“, Debbie Adlof, May 16, 2014




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