Semi strikes tractor, sends driver flying

In many rural communities, it is not uncommon to see a variety of tractors and oversized farming implements on the roadways. While most farmers will try to get off the road as much as possible, sometimes there simply isn’t enough room.

That’s the way it was last Monday afternoon at about 12:30 p.m., in Jefferson County on Highway 11E. According to state troopers, the 2014 truck tractor was in the right lane headed south when the driver, a 55-year-old man from Clinton, topped a hill. He saw a 50-year-old on a 1966 Ford farm tractor immediately in front of his semi. The driver of the semi tried to move quickly out of the way, but the semi struck the left rear of the tractor.

Upon impact, the driver of the tractor was flung into the air and landed in a ditch. The driver of the semi was injured, as was the tractor’s driver. Both were taken to UT Medical Center, which is in Knoxville. Both have since been discharged.

As you can see, truck accidents can occur anywhere — not just on the interstates. Drivers must be aware of what is up ahead. The injuries from crashes that involve a tractor-trailer can be catastrophic and very often fatal.

If you have been injured in a truck accident that was not your fault, you have a right to file a lawsuit to recoup your costs from medical expenses, lost wages and more. An experienced attorney can provide you with more information on the process for seeking compensation and what your legal options are.

Source: Citizen Tribune, “Drivers injured in semi versus tractor crash,” April 03, 2018




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