Semi-truck accident leads to criminal and civil charges

A civil claim was filed against an incarcerated truck driver approximately one year after a horrible accident. The June 2015 truck accident led to the death of six people, while many others were seriously injured. The plaintiff is allegedly the fiancé of the trucker, who is currently in a Tennessee jail.

The accident involved nine motor vehicles. The semi-truck plowed into eight stationary vehicles that were stopped on the interstate. The plaintiff was a passenger in the truck at the time of the accident. She claims that the accident and the injuries she subsequently suffered resulted from driver negligence.

In the claim, the truck driver is named along with the trucking company for whom he drove, along with two insurance companies. The passenger is not only claiming for medical expenses incurred after the accident but also for all injuries and damages suffered. In the claim, it is indicated that the victim may continue to experience problems related to her injuries in the future. Lastly, she is also claiming for emotional distress due to the accident.

Tennessee civil law allows for a victim of a serious truck accident to claim for all the aspects mentioned above. Although the truck driver is still awaiting trial, it is not necessary for him to be found guilty of criminal charges for the civil claim to proceed. If the evidence provides proof that he was either negligent or reckless, his fiancé may succeed in her civil claim. Victims who believe that driver negligence was the root cause of an accident should not wait for criminal charges to be filed before considering filing a civil claim.

Source:, “Man facing charges in Tenn. crash being sued by his passenger“, Nita Johnson, July 5, 2016




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