Severely injured, then an accident dispute due to no insurance

Have you ever been involved in an accident with another driver who either had no insurance or was underinsured? There is little doubt that the situation brought you no joy and quite possibly led to an accident dispute when you made a claim after being severely injured. Residence in Tennessee may be spared such a situation as the lawmakers in this state are cracking down on uninsured drivers.

Recently, the state legislators have passed laws in which the penalties that can be imposed on uninsured drivers have been made substantially more severe. Not only have the fines an uninsured driver can face increased by $200, but a transgressor may have to face a jail term of nearly one year. Harsher penalties will hopefully lead to increased compliance with insurance requirements.

The motivation for the new laws is to create an awareness of the importance of motor insurance. Drivers may have to face their cars being towed and pay higher fines if caught driving without insurance. Most importantly, if an uninsured driver causes an accident, especially one that results in injuries, that person may have to face substantial jail time.

Although the more severe penalties may lead to greater compliance, there will always be those who ignore the law. Should you or a family member have suffered severe injuries in a car accident and are now facing an accident dispute because the other driver was uninsured or underinsured, it may be beneficial to consult with an attorney on the matter. Dealing with an accident dispute requires specialized knowledge and skills as the process can be confusing and complex. A Tennessee attorney specializing in personal injury and/or wrongful death claims can provide the advice needed to make the process easier.     

Source:, “Tennessee lawmakers trying to teach uninsured drivers a lesson”, Lee Owens, Jan. 15, 2016




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