Social Security Disability (SSD) and Over 50 Claims

For workers over the age of 50, the gradual or sudden onset of a mental or physical disability can have significant professional consequences. Whether you work in manufacturing in Knoxville or in an office setting in a neighboring Tennessee community, managing your disability and the responsibilities of a job may be impossible.

For those with the necessary skill or education, finding a new career may be a viable option. However, for most, finding gainful employment at an advanced age may be extremely difficult.

Are You Struggling With A Disability? You May Qualify For SSD Benefits.

When it comes to Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, claimants over the age of 50 usually have a much easier time obtaining benefits. Although there are numerous criteria that must be met, the Social Security Administration (SSA) usually looks more favorably upon older claimants for a variety of reasons.

In short, SSD benefits are intended to provide monetary support if your disability prohibits you from working. However, if you have the education, skill or job flexibility to continue working in a different capacity, the SSA may be less inclined to award benefits.

Age is an important factor in determining who receives benefits because older workers generally have a difficult time acquiring the education or training necessary to take on new employment.

For example, a person who has worked construction for more than 20 years may struggle to find a sedentary job that he or she is qualified for. In all likelihood, that person simply does not have the training or skill set to take on a new role. Furthermore, going back to school or entering a training program may be incredibly costly.

There’s Plenty To Think About When Applying For SSD Benefits

Although it may be slightly easier for people over 50 to have their SSD claims approved, the fact is that there are numerous other factors the SSA considers when evaluating claims, including work history and medical history.

An experienced SSD attorney can help you or your family understand the various processes associated with applying for benefits or filing an appeal if an initial application has been denied. In most cases, a lawyer can help ensure everything is filled out correctly, that deadlines are met, and that you understand your options at each step.




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