Speeding car injures 2 Knoxville police officers

Police officers endanger their lives the moment they put their badges on, but officers typically aren’t worried about that. It’s part of their job to worry about keeping the community in which they serve safe. That appears to be exactly what two Knoxville police officers were doing on a recent Tuesday before trying to avoid a speeding car that was coming right for them on the ramp to I-140.

At about 11:30 a.m. on April 3, two officers were trying to merge onto I-140 from I-40 west on their motorcycles when what they believe was a gray Honda Civic sped toward them. The two police officers said their emergency lights were activated on their motorcycles when the car accident occurred. In order to avoid being hit by the speeding car, the two officers were said to have crashed onto the pavement. Luckily, they were both wearing helmets.

Both of the officers were transported to UT Medical Center. Thankfully, both officers were reported to have non-life-threatening injuries. The police will continue to investigate the crash and attempt to locate the speeding vehicle.

When involved in a car accident, especially when serious injuries are endured, victims may find comfort in knowing that they have legal rights. It is possible that personal injury claims may be pursued in instances like this against any parties deemed negligent in causing a collision. A successful claim may include reimbursement for medical expenses and any other financial damages incurred. Here, authorities must first focus on tracking down the speeding car thought to have precipitated the collision, and thereafter each injured officer can assess what legal steps, if any, they wish to pursue.

Source: WBIR 10, “KPD looking for car that caused crash that injured 2 officers,” Taz Painter, April 3, 2012




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