Steps to take after an animal bite

Animals are some of the most beautiful living organisms nature has to offer. They can be majestic, yet also very dangerous. Even trained animals, such as pets, can be dangerous at times. Animals have an innate tendency to bite, especially if they are provoked. If you are bitten by an animal, these are the steps to take immediately following the incident.

If needed, seek medical attention immediately after the animal bite. If the bite is serious enough, call 911. A serious bite would include any bite where the bone is showing or an appendage has been separated from your body. This is a very serious situation that should be taken care of immediately before doing anything else.

The next step you must take is finding out what type of animal bit you, if you did not see the animal, and who owns the animal. This can help to pinpoint the type of rabies shot the doctor will administer. It can also help determine who is at fault for the animal bite.

When seeking medical attention, do not turn down a trip to the hospital. A trip to the emergency room can help prevent infection from the animal bite, which could then lead to a host of medical issues down the road.

After you have received medical attention and have determined whose animal bit you, begin collecting witness statements. Speak with any and all people who saw the attack and get their contact information. They will be very helpful to your claim in identifying what happened and how it happened.

Ask the owner of the animal for their insurance information so you can begin the process of filing a claim against them. Make sure you follow the orders given to you by the doctor in order to ensure your claim moves forward successfully.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from an animal bite, contact our firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, to discuss your case and how you can receive compensation for the injuries suffered.




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