Take animal bites received on another’s property seriously

Most of our Knoxville, Tennessee, neighbors understand premises liability, meaning they know they can pursue legal remedies if injured on another party’s property. Most of these injuries occur due to slipping or falling, but an animal bite injury may also be a good reason to pursue a premises liability claim.

Unfortunately, many victims of animal bites dismiss the matter, particularly if the injury does not seem too severe. Perhaps they do not want to cause trouble with a neighbor or a friend. Other times, they may assume the injury will simply heal in a few days. Many times, these injuries do heal well without much effort. However, not taking the matter seriously could be a mistake.

Animal bites can lead to a bacterial or even rabies infections, which can cause serious illness or death. Further, if the victim suffers nerve damage during the incident, it can complicate the recovery process. This means costly out-of-pocket medical expenses and the potential for lost wages due to missed work.

We would like to offer you some advice if you have been bitten by an animal on someone’s premises. Seek medical treatment right away, even if you don’t think the bite is serious. You should also begin preparing for the possibility of filing a premises liability claim.

Steps to take include gathering evidence and documentation of the animal bite such as pictures of the injury and medical reports. You should also speak with anyone who saw the incident about the possibility of serving as a witness on your behalf. Finally, it is a good idea to go ahead and have an initial consultation with an attorney about your case.

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