Tennessee 3 car crash attributable to driver negligence

A male driver in his 20s, another in his 60s, and a female driver who recently entered her 70s were involved in a 3 car collision recently. The initial evidence suggests that driver negligence played a central role in the crash. The younger driver escaped injury, while the other two were transported to separate Tennessee medical centers.

The car accident occurred on Highway 70 in Wilson County in the middle of a weekday afternoon. A 26-year-old driver was headed southbound on the highway when he stopped to turn left into a driveway. A 70-year-old woman was trailing behind, and she veered to the left in an attempt to avoid hitting the young man’s vehicle. Instead, she sideswiped a vehicle coming in the opposite direction and then rear ended the first car anyways.

All three drivers are Tennessee residents. Authorities issued a ticket to the woman for unsafe operation. No information was available regarding when she will have to appear in court in answer to the citation.

Regardless of the outcome of any legal proceedings concerning the citation, the driver of the oncoming vehicle that was hit maintains the right to pursue a personal injury claim against the woman and any separate owner of the vehicle she was driving. If she is ultimately found guilty of the unsafe operation allegation, proof of that may be offered as evidence in a related civil proceeding. Once the older man is able to establish that his injuries were caused by the driver negligence of another party, our courts will consider claims for reimbursement of any financial damages sustained, as provided under Tennessee laws.

Source: The Wilson Post, “3-car wreck sends 2 to hospitals,” Feb. 14, 2013




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