Tennessee accident kills 2, causes personal injury to 2 others

Tennessee drivers know that there are many reasons why car accidents occur. Unfortunately, many of these reasons are negligent or reckless, and completely preventable. One recent accident has authorities investigating whether any such factors contributed to the deaths of two people, and personal injury to two others involved

According to authorities, a car was traveling east on the roadway when the driver lost control as the drive navigated a curve. The car careened across the median and into oncoming traffic. It slid sideways into the path of an SUV, impacting the passenger side of the car. Tragically, the passenger in the car was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the car was transported via air to a hospital where he later died of his injuries. Both the driver and passenger in the SUV were injured as well. The exact nature and extent of their injuries was not disclosed. Police are working to determine whether speed or any additional factors contributed to this tragic accident.

As police investigate the cause of the accident, the victims — or their surviving family members — may begin to investigate their legal options under Tennessee’s personal injury laws. Under these laws, the injured victims may be able to seek damages against the estate of the deceased driver if it is found that he negligently caused or contributed to the deadly crash. Similarly, the family of the passenger that was killed may pursue wrongful death claims against the estate of the driver. Both of these claims, if successfully navigated, could provide valuable financial relief to the victims and their families for lost wages, pain and suffering and medical or funeral expenses.

Source: knoxnews.com, “Morristown crash kills two,” May 5, 2013




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