Tennessee animal bite victims are eligible for personal injury

Several residents in Tennessee neighborhoods are becoming aware of a growing number of stray and loose animals roaming rural areas. According to reports from the Knox County Animal Control, incidents involving animal bites have nearly tripled in number from this time last year. Many people are unsure what to do in the event of an animal bite, and may be interested to learn that a personal injury claim can be filed if another person’s dog is left unrestrained or unattended and an attack occurs.

One woman was attacked recently while walking her own dog. Reports indicate that the dog had been breaking free of its property for approximately a year without report to officials at Animal Control. The dog in this incident was a Labrador mixed breed that approached the woman and bit her on the arm.

Knox County Animal Control has issued a statement warning that any dog can attack, not just the ones typically stereotyped as violent, such as pit bulls. A recent attack did happen when a pit bull attacked a horse and injured its chest and leg, so everyone is encouraged to exercise caution around strange or stray animals. Many breeds were mentioned in reports of animal bites across Knox County.

Tennessee residents should be aware of their surroundings when out walking, especially if they have their own pets with them, as this may cause a defensive reaction in other neighborhood dogs that are not properly restrained. Animal bites can cause potentially severe injuries and sometimes cause infections or rabies. Those people that are attacked should consider filing a personal injury claim in order to have their medical or other expenses covered, and also reporting the incident to Animal Control to avoid another victim from being attacked.

Source: wate.com, “Reports of dog bites rise in Knox County,” Stephanie Beecken, Dec. 4, 2012




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