Tennessee authorities concerned by increase in car accidents

According to traffic officials in Tennessee, there have been more fatal motor vehicle accidents than in the corresponding 2014 timeframe. Authorities have called on road users to assist them in the matter. In the first four days of February alone, seven people died in car accidents in only four East Tennessean counties. The call for help followed after another fatal crash in which a motorcyclist was killed.

The motorcyclist was killed when a car pulled into traffic, causing other motorists to slow down. The brakes of a pick-up truck locked when the driver was forced to brake sharply. The truck rolled and struck the motorcyclist.

It appears as if the majority of accidents can be narrowed down to three reasons:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Impaired driving

According to the spokesperson for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, people should be aware of the dangers the aforementioned conduct holds and avoid such behavior.  However, the families of victims of fatal car accidents may feel that the warning comes a little too late.

The Tennessean families of the seven deceased, as well as other families that have lost loved ones, may have the choice of filing wrongful death claims against the person or persons causing the accident. Should the evidence prove that negligence was the root cause of the accident, a civil court may award financial damages to the grieving families. Damages awarded to the families of the deceased victims, may help ease the financial suffering during a time when they are already struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

Source: local8now.com, “Seven people die in wrecks in East Tennessee”, Casey Wheeless, Feb. 9, 2015




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