Tennessee car accident kills child

Negligent driving is a common cause of car accidents in Tennessee and the rest of the country. Drivers who are intoxicated or texting on a cell phone put other motorists in immediate danger. These irresponsible drivers can cause great pain to families if they injure or kill someone in an accident. This was the unfortunate case for one Tennessee family on May 22 when a car accident forever changed their lives.

A young child was outside of an apartment building when a speeding car driven by a 21-year-old man suddenly turned a corner into the child’s path. Sadly, the child was hit and killed. Angered, the family held the man down until police arrived to arrest him.

The driver had been smoking marijuana earlier that day, which may have caused him to drive recklessly and without regard for others on or near the road. Soon after the incident, the man was charged with multiple crimes, including driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. He is in jail on a $100,000 bond.

While the consequences are serious for the driver, it pales in comparison to the pain and suffering that the child’s family must endure. They will no longer be able to hear their child’s voice, play with their child, or see him grow up. Experienced Tennessee attorneys understand how painful a wrongful death can be for a family. While no amount of money can ever replace the loss of a life, there may be ways to obtain compensation that can help relieve the financial obligations of planning a funeral and allow you to focus on what is most important at this difficult time.

Source: My Fox Memphis, “Child Killed by Car at Highland Pines Apartments,” 23 May 2011




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