Tennessee car wreck claims life of man, injures 6 women

From time to time, every Tennessee driver is in a hurry for one reason or another. Slower traffic can be frustrating and could prompt a driver to take unnecessary chances. Being in a hurry, however, does not diminish the need to exercise caution while on the road. The failure to do so could lead to a serious or even fatal car wreck.

The double yellow line on a two-lane road is there to warn drivers that it is unsafe to pass in that area. Recently, a driver failed to obey this warning and paid for it with his life. In his attempt to pass another vehicle across a double yellow line, he collided head-on with an SUV occupied by six women.

A woman living in the area heard the crash and went outside to find an SUV on its roof in her yard and another severely damaged vehicle. All six of the women in the SUV were taken to area hospitals with a variety of injuries. Two of three medical helicopters on scene transported two of the women. At last report, medical personnel released two of the six women while the other four still required further care and remained in the hospital.

Each woman could face a lengthy recovery depending on the severity of her injuries. Medical costs and lost wages can add up quickly in this situation. Under Tennessee law, each woman may file a personal injury claim against the deceased driver’s estate, seeking restitution for the damages incurred as a result of this car wreck.

Source: wsmv.com, Driver identified in fatal Rutherford County head-on crash, Larry Flowers, Feb. 17, 2014




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