Tennessee car wreck leads to death and serious injury

A horrendous accident on Highway 27 in Tennessee led to the closure of the highway in one direction for most of the day, while only one lane was open in the opposite direction. The car wreck happened on a recent Wednesday in February. The first call to emergency services was received just before 1:00 p.m.

It is reported that the 43-year-old female driver of a sedan crossed over the middle of the highway from the northbound lane into the southbound lane. The sedan collided with a vehicle travelling in the southbound lane. The driver of the vehicle that was struck was fortunate enough to escape uninjured.

Unfortunately, the occupants of the sedan were not so lucky. The driver of the sedan was fatally injured, while her passenger suffered serious injuries, and his condition is deemed to be critical. Little is known regarding the cause of the accident, and investigators are calling for eyewitnesses to come forward with any information.

Tennessee law allows for a seriously injured victim of a car wreck to file a personal injury claim when the gathered evidence indicates that the injuries were caused by the negligence of another. In cases where a victim succumbs to his or her injuries, the family may choose to file a wrongful death claim based upon documented negligence or recklessness. In this case, claims will be filed against the estate of the driver. A court may award monetary damages to victims or their families when fatalities occur. In certain cases of egregious misconduct, a court may also award punitive damages.

Source: timesfreepress.com, “Police identify victims in horrific Highway 27 crash“, Feb. 4, 2016




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