Tennessee drunk driving accident leaves 1 dead and 4 injured

Understandably, fatal accidents in Tennessee can have a long-term impact on the lives of surviving relatives and loved ones. Serious injuries can also bring about long-lasting pain and suffering. Unfortunately, many accidents are preventable, including one that recently occurred not far from Knoxville, involving alleged drunk driving.

A 21-year-old Knoxville man was driving his truck on the Lewallen Bridge when he swerved across the lanes into oncoming traffic and collided with two vehicles. Police reported that he was driving under the influence and was not in control of his truck. Inside the vehicle with the driver was a 40-year-old female passenger. She was ejected from the truck and suffered fatal injuries at the scene. Seven other people were occupants in the other two vehicles involved in the crash, of which four were injured.

The nature and severity of the injuries sustained by these individuals was not reported. Since the accident, the driver of the truck believed to have caused the accident was charged with DUI and vehicular homicide. Physically and emotionally, the impact of fatal crashes like this one can last for years. Serious injuries can lead to long-term and even lifetime medical problems, diminished quality of life and overwhelming medical expenses. Additionally, facing the tragic death of a loved one can be devastating in many ways.

Tennessee victims of drunk driving accidents are not alone as they traverse the road ahead, however. Under our state’s personal injury laws, victims and their families have the right to file civil claims against parties deemed negligent, contributing to the injuries or loss of life. Similarly, families who have lost a loved one in such an accident may file wrongful death claims. When such claims are litigated successfully, victims and their families may find their financial burden reduced. This relief may allow victims and their families the opportunity to focus on healing physically and emotionally as they move forward after such a tragic accident.

Source: wate.com, 1 person killed, several injured in DUI related crash, No author, Dec. 7, 2013




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