Tennessee fatal crashes: 1 dead after head-on collision

A two-vehicle accident has occurred, causing both of the vehicles to catch on fire. Fatal crashes in Tennessee are becoming more of a frequent occurrence, and sadly, this is one of them. The accident has left one dead and three injured.

Authorities responded to the scene of a horrific incident that occurred on Saturday night. Upon a preliminary investigation, authorities indicate that the accident took place when the operator of a sedan was driving at an excessive rate of speed. For some reason, the driver cut across the road and into approaching traffic, slamming into a Ford SUV in a head-on collision. Bystanders were able to rescue two of the occupants from the SUV.

The crash is still being investigated and authorities have not determined why the driver of the sedan crossed over into oncoming traffic. Alcohol and drugs have not been reported to be factors. The driver of the Ford SUV has died as a result of the accident and three other occupants in the SUV suffered severe injuries and were taken to an area hospital for treatment.

Surviving family members are typically left in emotional turmoil when they have lost their loved ones due to fatal crashes. No citations have been reported in this incident, although the family of the deceased driver of the SUV may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver of the sedan. Along with grieving, Tennessee families in these tragedies typically face responsibility for burial expenses and other financial burdens. The family may be able to recover damages through the civil court system, based upon a showing of negligence.

Source: timesnews.net, UPDATE: 1 killed, 3 injured in fiery crash on Fort Henry Drive, Wes Bunch, Sept. 14, 2013




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