Tennessee man could face drunk driving and other charges

Authorities are still awaiting test results from the man who is accused of causing a fatal accident. The Tennessee man allegedly slammed into an SUV, which crashed into a van. One man has died and five others have been injured. The man may be facing drunk driving charges along with vehicular homicide.

According to authorities, the accident occurred on Friday night. The man crossed the median as he was traveling on the highway. An SUV which was also traveling on the highway was struck and the driver was unable to maintain control of the vehicle. The SUV then collided with a van after spinning around multiple times. The van ended up in a ditch.

Two occupants of the SUV, who are children ages four and seven, sustained injuries. The four-year-old was treated and released and the seven-year-old is still being treated for severe injuries. The driver of the SUV died from his injuries. Three occupants in the van also sustained injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment. A 49-year-old and a 58-year-old sustained serious-to-critical injuries, while a third occupant’s condition has not been reported.

Drunk driving is never considered excusable in the eyes of the law, especially when injuries and death are a result. The man may have to answer to criminal as well as civil litigation. The family of the SUV’s driver may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the other driver and recover compensation for funeral expenses and mental anguish. The victims in the SUV and the van may be entitled to file personal injury lawsuits against the other driver for the pain and suffering they have endured and expenses as a result of the accident. In regard to this case, the civil court system in Tennessee typically resolves these types of lawsuits based upon evidence of negligence of the other party.

Source: wbir.com, THP: Driver in 3-vehicle crash was under the influence, Heidi Wigdahl, Aug. 24, 2013




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