Tennessee personal injury, 6-year-old and mother pit bull attack

Dog bites are relatively rare in Tennessee and across the country. When they do occur, though, a dog attack can be terrifying and can often result in personal injury. This was the case as a walk in a Tennessee park turned into an attack by a pit bull on a woman and her 6-year-old daughter.

Reportedly, a woman and her daughter were given permission to take the pit bull for a walk to the park by someone who was watching the animal for the owners. For some unknown reason, the dog took hold of the girl while she was playing in the playground. The dog caused injuries to the child’s legs while it was attacking her. The girl’s mother managed to attract the dog’s attention, at which point her daughter went to get assistance for her mother.

When the dog turned its attention onto the mother, it proceeded to bite and rip at the parts of her body it could reach. A third person showed up at the incident and offered assistance with an umbrella. The person hit the dog an unknown amount of times. The mother and daughter both suffered injuries in the attack that were serious enough to require them to be taken to a local hospital.

A dog attack typically places physical and mental burdens on the victims. A victim of a dog attack may not be able to work and could sustain lost wages from employment, as well as incur medical expenses due to personal injury. A victim may also experience pain and suffering related to their injuries which could lead them to file a personal injury lawsuit. The civil court system in Tennessee typically adjudicates these types of lawsuits based upon evidence that the injuries that resulted were caused by the negligence of another party.

Source: Kingsport Times-News, “Pit bull attack injures woman, 6-year-old girl in Bristol,” June 14, 2013




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