Tennessee street racing car wreck tragically kills 19-year-old

Street racing or drag racing is something that happens in the streets across Tennessee and the rest of the United States. During April 2013, a 20-year-old male was killed on the streets of Tennessee, after two street racers crashed into his car. One year later, another young male, aged 19, died in a car wreck during a drag race.

According to the deceased victim’s brother, the teenage boy was a spectator at the race, just like most other Saturdays. The police reported that the deceased was turning left at an intersection, when a red Mustang traveling west crashed into his vehicle. The victim’s girlfriend, a witness of the accident, reported that the deceased’s seatbelt was stuck and she immediately tried to undo it. Other bystanders also came to help and pulled him from the wreck.

The young man was transported to a hospital in the area, where he later passed away. The driver of the Mustang was also injured, but his injuries were not life-threatening. While many friends said their final farewells on Facebook, the family showed their respect at the scene of the accident by placing a cross where the young boy lost his life.

The senseless loss of life is so unnecessary, especially given the fact that Tennessee has venues where legal racing events are held. The deceased’s girlfriend, an avid fan of street racing, now warns about the dangers, not only to racers, but also the spectators. The matter is currently still under investigation and charges have not been filed. In Tennessee, families who have lost loved ones in a car wreck have the choice to file a wrongful death claim. Claims for financial losses, such as funeral and burial costs, against the party whose negligent actions are deemed to have caused or contributed to the fatal accident may be made.

Source: wmctv.com, “Memphis teen killed in car crash”, Jerica Phillips, April 7, 2014




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