Tennessee trooper speaks out about truck accident

As common as accidents are in most areas, any accident involving a police car is less frequent. Most police officers are in the line of danger every day they go on the job. A Tennessee Highway Patrol officer was involved in a tractor-trailer truck accident while sitting in his patrol car on Interstate 75.

Reportedly, a police officer was situated in his patrol car performing traffic duty following a car fire. His emergency lights were on to alert oncoming traffic of the disabled vehicle and to move over. Apparently, the driver of a tractor-trailer, who was also allegedly drunk, failed to heed those warnings and slammed right into the police officer’s patrol car. The severity of the impact caused the airbags to deploy.

The police officer sustained serious injuries to his neck and back. It is expected to take at least a few months for the officer to fully recover from his injuries. Currently, he is forced to sleep in a recliner because he is unable to sleep while laying flat. Police charged the driver of the tractor-trailer with DUI, fleeing the scene of an accident, reckless driving, vehicular assault and other unspecified charges.

Because of this truck accident and the extent of his injuries, the police officer may not be able to work for months. Even with workers’ compensation benefits, he could suffer financial losses caused by the crash. In addition, he is experiencing significant pain and suffering related to his injuries. He has the right to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver of the tractor-trailer. The civil court system in Tennessee has jurisdiction over this matter and may award the officer monetary compensation above and beyond any benefits he is receiving from his department.

Source: wate.com, “Trooper speaks for first time since being hit by truck during traffic stop,” Stephanie Beecken, July 11, 2013




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